Show up and just show up

There is this amazing love story that you and your passion share. This relationship gets incredibly better each day when you just show up to do the work that you really love doing.

Nothing, nothing could ever match that.

People come and sometimes they get up and leave, sometimes they stay. Job is dependent on a lot of other factors. Yet your passion, your love for the work that you enjoy doing: it solely belongs to you.

No one is forcing you to do it and certainly no one is telling you to. Yet you do it because you are committed to seeing yourself happy.

Nothing else even matters baby. No accolades, no liking by family members could match the feeling of being in the zone that you really adore.

So simply show up to create a remarkable work. One that would never be seen if you weren’t there. Show up even when you don’t feel like showing up. Follow your instincts even when all the logic is pleading you to be a part of status quo.


Ans totally rock the show baby!!!