Never out of style

Some trends have seasons. The bell bottoms. The pencil fit jeans. The windchime. The gearshift car. The ticket booking window.

Over time, temporary and long being carried forward traditions come to a halt by a sudden disruption. Then, they are out of style.

Then there is the ubiquitous and perennial.

  • Being polite and courteous.
  • Never raising voice.
  • Asking people how you could be better in your relationship with them (better boss, better subordinate, better partner, better child, better friend, etc.)
  • Being chivalrous.
  • Taking absolute responsibility for our own life.
  • Not judging.
  • Never poking fun at others and quite often at self.
  • Trusting intuition based on experience.
  • Lesser expectations, more appreciation.
  • Being assertive yet calm.

Doing what is right is always the trending topic of the showbiz, even if it does not make to the twitter trends.

It ain’t going out of style.