How to heal hurts

Time is the biggest healer, is ancient. The reality is people do not have so much time to allow things to heal. When they are hurt, they go to social media, see someone else’s near-perfect life and think worse about themselves.

Here’s another method to hack the healing of time: list down all your feelings in a journal. All hurts, pains, frustrations, disappointments, even gossips and complains about the traffic go in there. Write till the time you have expressed yourself to the brim and nothing is left inside.

Even on days you are feeling great, do write at least 3-4 pages in the journal. As Julia Cameron suggests in “Artist’s Way”, consider writing “I have nothing to write” if nothing is coming out of your head.

Once you do this, you will feel a lesser need to be around people and they being there to listen to you, and would feel greater urge to be compassionate and listen more patiently.

Those who do not listen are technically those who do not write.