Things Alexa can’t do

Alexa has taken us to a level of entitlement that most people believe it can do anything and everything for them.

The reality is, as replicable tasks get overtaken by Alexa, it becomes all the more important to do the non-replicable tasks that Alexa would never be able to do, like:

  • Cultivating empathy with coworkers
  • Honesty when lying and cheating is the way out
  • Having the patience to understand someone’s anger
  • Fidelity in a professional or personal relationship
  • Protecting your self worth
  • Dancing like crazy on the road with besties
  • Not allowing yourself to be a convenient option for people to walk over
  • Giving good vibes to someone else’s repression
  • Most importantly, ignoring their boss’s instructions when the boss has asked for an incorrect order.

Alexa is replacing lot of mechanical jobs that used to be done by human beings. It is all the more cultivating the need for real jobs that only humans can do, and make them more invincible in the process.