The problem with letting go

There is a huge problem with letting go. Fortunately, it is not of the other person.

The problem is we think everything needs to be right and aligned and revenge needs to be sought and someone else needs to suffer and we need to lose an inch off our waist and people around us need to elevate our ego and then we may think of finally letting go.

Well, that is not letting go. That is expecting someone else to burn while you are holding a hot iron ball in your hands.

Ain’t gonna happen dude.

Since the problem is not with someone else, it is a good news because now we can change it.

Change of letting go begins with simply letting go. When you start letting go with the small things your mind becomes conditioned to the fact that the outside validation it used to survive the primal instincts on, do not exist anymore.

That my friend, is the beginning of transformation. 🙌🏻