What really helps

Scrolling never helps, strolling does: by eliminating the need for scrolling.

More free time is cool, what is cooler is what you do with the free time you currently have.

Being richie rich is awesome, what really helps is saving investing at least 15-20 % of your current income, no matter how much you “need” it. (Remember compound interest, 5th grade in school?)

Being peaceful is a luxury, which becomes more luxurious when peace does not go away when someone else tries to attack you emotionally.

Being nice and kind with those who earn lesser salary than you is not a favour to them, it is a step for you to move closer to humanity.

Sitting down for meditation is not only for those who have a lot of time, rather very important for those who “need more time”.

Quite often our worldview is perplexed which in the long (and short run) helps no one. Perhaps this is the right time to change our thinking before it gets too late.

Too late means being bedridden, or falling off an easy step because of being too much focused on work instead of being in the moment, or maybe saying something bad which (words) you cannot take back.

Own your life. One small choice at a time.