If money could buy goodness

Loads of money is cool. Yet, it is a magnifier. If you are a bad person more money will make you worse. If you are an Angel more money means world will be blessed with more of your Angelic nature.

This morning I bumped into the man who cleans my car. He was on his bike taking his three little kids to school. Before we started to talk anything, all three of them said “Namaste” to me with a beautiful authentic smile.

Here’s the catch: maybe they do not have so much money right now or maybe they do, these kids will grow up to become amazingly happy human beings that their parents will be proud of.

Here’s the bigger catch: Along with pursuing your to-do and money goals, focus on becoming a better person each day. Never give it in thinking you know it all, always be a lover and learner of life, and prosperity and abundance of happiness is going to surround you forever.

Without exception.