Space has you

The space.

The eternity.

The love.

The happiness.

The joy.

The nothingness.

The numbness.

The desperate frustration.

The heartbreaking conversation.

The smile.

The relief.

The creativity.

The love. Of friends. Of family. Who really love.

The love. Of living yourself.

The acceptance. Of being you.

The happiness. Of healing the hurt.

The realisation.

The truth.

The unshakable truth.

The mirror.

The people.

The humanity.

The achievements.

The external power.

The internal power. The infinite internal power.

The surrender.

The flow.

The Life.

The Trust.

The Waking Up.

The Sunshine. In the mirror.

The real people.

The real friends.

The real drinks aka only H2O.

The sky.

The slay of unreal.

The Spiral Upward.

The Creation of Reality.

The Awesomeness Unlimited.