Illogical and irrational

If someone consumes alcohol, someone not consuming it seems illogical to them. A non-smoker finds smoking illogical.

People have different opinions about being illogical and irrational, yet there is no conflict for right. Smoking or not. Consuming alcohol or not.

The rights that kickstart our lives to propel it into a whole new direction.

Some logical things to withdraw and rights to consider could be:

Logics to withdraw:

  • People always judge me (they don’t have time, if they do they are not worth spending thoughts and time with)
  • Eating makes me fat (it doesn’t, lack of sleep and exercise do baby!)
  • I should dress up like everyone else does (be the role model instead of rolling the model)

Universal rights to consider:

  • If you have wronged, a divine human beings apologises, invariably
  • You can save the world by working on your inner self. Nothing else ever will
  • Call people who are important to you, they are much more than a “hi” over text message

It turns out, the more you work on withdrawal and consideration, the more liberation and nirvana you experience in day to day life in the middle of hopeless lives.