Zero Confidence

Almost a decade ago, I had fallen into an incorrect friendship.

This friend, liked zero things about me. I was non-confident according to this friend, and this very phrase was repeated to me so much over and over again, that I completely believed it. Since I believed it, I started acting that way.

Then in a fortunate array of time, I got out of this friendship and met my best friend. We both not only had and still have the most fun with each other, we also respect and uplift each other beyond measure.

As a result, all the people who know me know very well that I am one helluva confident person.

This is not self-praise, this is the power what your influences can do to you. This is the power of surrounding you with right people because they will lead you to the direction they are going.

And, do not ever believe those who tear you down. Bless them with the wisdom to see the best in others, and politely move into the company of right people.

Life is people. Nothing influences you as much as your company does.

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