Birthday High

Since the last weekend, I have been feeling a notch happier in anticipation of today which is called birthday.

While it is great to be happy, what is phenomenal to consider is “a notch happier” is always a choice, that needs to be made use of for the remaining 364 days as well.

So a birthday resolution begins today, which I urge you all to probably consider: make “a notch happier” a priority for you. Amidst all the difficulties, problems to solve and goals to accomplish, what’s the point if people are waiting to be happy only at the top of the mountain or on a specific day?

Happiness is here and now, when you are being ridiculed, not being treated properly, working damn hard, and also struggling with your fears. If you and I learnt to be happy “now” amidst all these challenges instead of waiting for “when”, the only advantage we will have is feeling more courageous and confident in the process.

Be an Unfit. Stop fitting in.