What is power?

Power is not speaking up in front of those who have lost their power.

Quite often, people believe they are powerful if they reply with worse words or behaviour to those who treated them badly.

Let’s dissect why they did so in the first place. Anyone, any rich human, a boss, a neighbour, someone on road, they treat you incorrectly because that is what they have been giving it to themselves. It is like if you eat vegetarian food you won’t offer animal food to someone who comes to your place.

What you have is what you will give others.

What someone else has is what they give you.

Your role my friend, then, is to give them what you have.

Well, what you have could be compassion, peace, ease, and understanding – something which each one on the planet is looking for, and something which is an endangered species on planet earth.

Bring people more of your real self, they will be delighted to see you and silently rip off all the masks.