Dirty and shabby

There are instances when people feel very proud.

It felt like everything is perfect. They remember each and everything from those moments.

Then there are moments they are not so proud. Rather, embarrassed from within.

Unfortunately, they haven’t forgotten those dirty and shabby moments as well, because they still cannot believe they did it.

Imagine you are wearing your favourite white kurta. You go out and by mistake, you spill your coffee on it.

Now you have two options: One, ignore that the coffee was spilled and keep walking the entire day with that spot. Two, acknowledge that spot was there, get up, clean it and be light and happy the entire day.

A part of you that you aren’t proud of – you can easily dust that off when you acknowledge it, because it does exist. You are more than that – you are complete and perfect.

Once you cleanse off that part, you’ll be proud you did.