The DM thing

Gone are the days when DM used to be used for poking. Now it is used for networking.

Maybe or maybe not with the intention of making the sale, however definitely with the intent of forming meaningful connections.

With that, DMs have some inevitable rules, like:


1. Use the first name (with correct spelling).

2. Do a research in their profile.

3. Follow them or send them a connection request instead of sending the DM straight away.


1. Copy paste a standard DM with name replaced, people sniff honesty miles away.

2. Ask for the sale straight away (please).

3. Ask them to visit your profile. (If you are engaging enough, they will, eventually.)

With that, just remember one thing: Anyone can be a pro-DMer (yes, I just used that word), whether they are an introvert or extrovert.

As long as you are interested in the other person and digging out the gold in them and being respectful, you’ll be a pro (with practice of course).