The elaichi in biryani syndrome

For folks who dine out, elaichi is a common protest in biryani they order. In fact, if there were a competition to dig out elaichi while eating biryani, a ton of gold medals would be required to save face.

Then there are people who never face elaichi-in-biryani-syndrome. Ever.

Do you know why?

Because they cook biryani themselves or their mom does it for them. In either cases, they always know that biryani experience is going to be a rich one, sans elaichi.

How do they know that?

Because they didn’t depend on someone else to design their experience. Since it was designed by them, the experience had to be amazing.

How many times, btw, do we give the onus of cooking our (metaphorical) biryani, to someone else?

Someone with different tastes, preferences and experiences is made responsible not only for our experience, rather also our happiness.

Strange, no?

It should not be, because a ton of people don’t have a great relationship with elaichi in biryani.

Designing your own experience (instead of depending on someone else’s) is a great way to start having amazing experiences.

PS: When someone else “has to” define your experience, make sure you don’t cringe while picking out the elaichi, or better yet, define your own experience to the one curating it.