Most difficult process

Beatles didn’t become Beatles by recording just one song in their entire career.

Dr. Deepak Chopra is known to be well-known for his correlation of medicine and spirituality by simply running Instagram ads on a Wednesday morning.

The office of your boss  that is bigger than a hotel  room was built one brick at a time.

The Instagram account that runs ads and gains a thousand followers daily, has been posting valuable content daily. Three years plus in a row now.

O, btw, the need to scroll your feed also came from “just one more time”.

So did the need to eat that unhealthy food. “What difference does one day make?” lead to a greater circumference around the central region of their body.

Or that anger at a random person driving their car harshly on the road. That came from not being compassionate with yourself in the morning and sitting for meditation, anyway.

Process is the Queen and the King. Reward is just the crown, it comes automatically when you go through the process strategically.

The question is, for every moment you’re wasting, the process is taking longer. Are you willing to risk that much time?