What is trust?

What is the meaning of trust?

Does it mean keeping people’s secrets?

I think it’s beyond that.

When we work with a client, we trust them and so do they trust us (yes, despite the advance and samples.)

When we work in a job, our employer trusts us for our deliverables and so do we trust them for being paid.

When we are hanging around with our friends, we trust them that they will walk with us if we aren’t wrong to them in our hearts.

Trust. A baby is born trusting their parents. With time and experiences, they lose a bit of trust each day as they morph into the real world.

However, isn’t the “real world” created by us? And we create it each day when we keep people’s trust when they didn’t expect it or when we break it when they least expected it.

What is the real world that we are creating today?