Those text messages…

Yes, negativity IS real.

If you are a content creator, you will get people raising questions on what you do.
More so, if you are a female, you will have CXO’s texting you “Hi Sweetheart!”
If you are just a normal consumer, you will see your rights violated.

I understand, it’s real.

But here’s the truth:
– No negativity could ever stop a champion from growing, just because they were obsessed with it.
– No negativity could force a positive person to move from education to news.
– And, no negativity would ever be able to stop the flow of someone whose life is spent in figuring out “what’s next”.

Don’t fear negativity.
Fear the relentless, dedicated, positive people.

Because they change the world.
Because that is you, if you’re reading till here.

Because You have the power no one can take away.

Not even the people who say they care for you and leave you alone.
No one can take this power away from you.