Dill Mill Gayye

Today I bingewatched a few episodes of an old TV show “Dill Mill Gayye”. Hate to write that. I never watch TV. But I did today.

Anyway, that show had a huge impact on me and a lot of people of my generation.

It made us believe in falling in love (lol). It made us smile. It made us believe in friendships.

But today as I look back at that show with a wise perspective, look at some instances:

Armaan and Ridhima confess their love to each other. But the next day when Ridhima refuses to give in to his physical demands, he gets angry. This happens each time he tries to get close to her but she says no. Not because she doesn’t love him, rather because she isn’t ready.

This is how I was shaped. And a lot of other girls of my generation. Who ended up believing that the girl has to say yes if she wants to be loved. Otherwise he would get angry.

I wish I knew better then.
I wish I knew that the first and foremost thing to do is to get away from such guy.
I wish I knew that it’s okay for physicality to come much much later after love has been nurtured.
I wish more of of my fellow sisters knew of this.
I wish more of men were raised to believe that Moms being submissive to Dads was not by choice, rather by torment.
I wish more men knew how their very own fathers “loved” their Moms when all she felt was tired.

I just wish…