The first time

My first time away from home, I was 18 years old.
For the first week in hostel, I used to wake up every day and cry – missing home.
Over time, I learnt to understand myself. And be by my own.

My first job, I was 23 years old
Used to cry every day after returning – for the first few weeks.
People were all cooperative (maybe), just that the real world was a surprise from the comfort zone of sit and study.

The first time I went to college – I looked really bad.
Because I wasn’t confident of myself.
Gradually, self love took over and I started looking better.
No change apparently, other than the way I looked at myself.

Everything happens for the first time.
If it is good, wonderful!
If it isn’t, chill! There will be a next time.

It’s your game. No one else is even thinking of you.

But you know what? You are thinking of yourself.
And that is the only reason for you to not give up.