So much wastage!

My parents have been eating a lot of cake in the month of June.

Mom’s birthday was 1st June, then Father’s Day and then my birthday as well.
In case of Mom and Father’s day, there were 4 and 2 cakes respectively cut at our home.

So in between those, when my sister sent two pieces of my niece’s birthday cake, I quietly sneaked out and gave it to the guard’s family that stays on the ground floor of our building.
Also, they deserve good things in life! (If my parents weren’t there to have an eye on me, I would share a lot of good things with them!! :D)

When I came back upstairs and told that to my Mom, my Mom scolded me.
For wasting so much cake!
Perhaps forgetting that she already has diabetes.
And Papa is obese for a long time.
But no matter what, a delicious cake need not be wasted!

I regret giving away the cake.
Not because she scolded at me or because it was too tasty!
But because you cannot change someone who refuses to be changed.