You’re the best!!

A client of mine told me that I am the best writer in India, and he is unable to find a good content writer, no matter how much he tries. He said that while we were on my exit conversation.

The very same person, in our 1:1 exactly three days before, said that he wanted more growth of what we had achieved, despite the fact that we had already achieved 2X and 3X growth of what we had expected. Not only that, he told a consultant recently that with his help coming in, our slow and steady growth would now pick up.

That is when I decided to make a move.
Not because he questioned me.
Rather because he wants growth so much that he has forgotten that the other person is doing their best, and also they are fervently seeking feedback. If there is something you don’t like, you have a moral responsibility to share your feedback.

You cannot be just jamming in on more growth than expected and then strive for more (with ZERO feedback) – without understanding the fact that all growth happens in small steps.

Anyway, I also need time to think further, and take the next steps in my career – so that break was anyway needed.

Here’s to better endings, and choosing better responses 🙂