In the February of this year, I had a fallout with a friend.
For a friendship that was already broken.
But some things concluded that day.
In a bad and dirty manner.
Something that I hadn’t wanted. Ever. I guess that was the truth from the other side as well.

Some repercussions of that was also the fact that that exit of friendship also took away many more friendships.
I was just looking at an activity we did in December together and all of that love seems so alien today.

However, what is a post on LinkedIn if it does not have lessons for life? 🙂

Here are mine:
1. Some people will remain the way they are. It is not wrong according to them. All you have to know is that what is right for them and what is right for you will be different.

2. If someone truly trusts you, they will be there for you despite the differences. Sometimes people move on without having a conversation but having a conversation with you politically. All you can do is smile, and move on.

3. It all boils down to having a strong sense of self-worth. If you are strong from within, there will be times when you will be left only with yourself. If you know you didn’t wake up one fine morning to screw someone’s life, you will be proud of being left alone.

Few days back when KK passed away, we all saw the amount of love pouring on him. It made me wonder, why does love pour in after death? Why doesn’t it pour in when there is life still?

Answer: To live life without some answers, is the best answer 🙂

PS: Posting this in Aug 2023 btw.