100 days of writing for 90 minutes daily

We have 100 days left in 2022.

We humans otherwise have divided consensus on almost everything in life, however, what we all will collectively agree with is that 2022 passed away real real quick. Quicker than all previous years combined.

And for whatever reason, new years do not excite me enough to gather the opportunity to set new goals – it is like trapping your mind into becoming something different just because your fingers will now write a different date.

All these hopes don’t work!

So, starting today, I’m going to write for 90 minutes straight every morning.
For the rest of 2022.
Let’s use 2022 to be more powerful, get more clarity in mind, and also, land up into some new amazing projects 🙂

These 100 days are also going to be the strongest resistance because:

  • Diwali month and shopping
  • Navratri and chana puri
  • Travel (I have 4-5 days planned, not much, thankfully)
  • Visiting home
  • Sleeping late on one night of Diwali
  • Existing politicians in life that wake up time and again
  • Work commitments because I am a good person and employee 🙂
  • Not sleeping well
  • Winters shouting out loud to get into the blanket
  • Perhaps even winning my dream project so that I have “legit reasons” to procrastinate.

But no. No. Oh no no no no no!

I will also document it in my blog daily – either as an update at the end of the blog, or a standalone blog if I have something huge to share.

Okay then, it just took me 8 minutes to write this (including taking 1.5 minute to pee)! And I think I have already written a lot. Imagine what 9000 minutes of writing (100 days X 90 minutes) is going to do.

Already excited 🙂

PS: If you also want to get on a ride like this, send me an email or DM me on Twitter (@nishthagehija26) and we’ll be accountability buddies 🙂

PS2: If you think you will lose motivation along the way, go to seths.blog and pick up a random blog to read. You’ll be back to taking action. Ok then, see you tomorrow! I gotta write!