The power of Love

Love in the sense of romantic love is the lowest downgraded form of love.

Do you know what true love can do?

  • It can make friends text you back, despite not being in touch due to mutual differences.
  • It can make colleagues make impossible possible for you, because you don’t want to extract the worst out of them.
  • It can make colleagues your friends, because you truly care for them!
  • It can make friends get out of their way of strict schedule, because you need them.
  • It can make landlords and tenants live on a parent-child relationship.
  • It can make people not only give up on their dreams, rather pursue yours along with you because you truly care.

Love is the most insensitive thing if you think of getting a partner.

Love is the most powerful force on the planet if you are filled with love. Because then, whosoever comes in touch with you, gets exactly that.