The pain doesn’t go away

I had been struggling with a problem for quite some time now.

Yesterday as I went out with a friend, I forgot that problem for a while.

And then in came to me again.

Which is how it should be.

You gotta deal with your pain.
And resolve your issues.
So that it goes away.

Most of us just try to numb it by doing more things that are external.
We go out. Eat out. Party hard. Post on Instagram.
Basically put as many bandages without healing the wound.

However, not attending to the wound is only going to make it worse.

We may go out into the world, however, if we are not going within our world, we are merely puppets of our own trauma, instead of being masters of our emotions.
But the only person you go to bed with, is you. Not the glitz and glam. Not the insta likes and insta stories. And certainly not the external bandages you choose.

If you don’t deal with pain, it eventually becomes a choice.