A lot of myself

A colleague in our team resigned from work today.

She stated she isn’t having enough time to pursue her freelancing, along with the work that we offer her.

Fair enough.
Totally respect her sentiment.
And her audacity to speak her truth out.

Very few people would actually do it.

However, on some days I see a lot of myself in her.

I also want to run away from things when they are not working out.
I also want to run away from problematic relationships (both professional and personal) at times.
I also want to run away from everything I am doing to start afresh, with fresh set of perspectives and people.

What we forget, however, is that wherever we go, we take ourselves with us.

You may run away from people.
You may run away from circumstances.
You may also run away from the pressure someone else put you through.

However, how will you ever run away from yourself?

The part of you that does not feel okay with the thing it is running away from.
The habits of people that trigger something in you.
The issues your behaviour exhibits when it comes in contact with something that is unpleasant to you.

This in no way means that you should continue working on and working with what is not working out.

However, what this surely means is when something is not working out in the outer world, there is certainly something within us as well that needs to be fixed. We move on from the toxic people and places however hardly sit around to get rid of our own toxicity as well.
Thus, it is important for us to reflect that in ourselves as well.

Otherwise, we would be like that single person who just moved on from a toxic relationship, only to land themselves into another one – because they did not fix the part of themselves that fell into that toxic relationship in the first place.