How committed are you?

Not just to the relationships. They are the last place to be committed to, if you really love yourself.

Rather, how committed are you to yourself?

Do you show up and do the work every single day?

Even when it is hard?

Even when it is easy to skip?

Even when you were busy?

The day you had mental health issues and you were crying incessantly from 11 am to 5 pm and you missed your lunch, but did you show up?

The truth about showing up is that it is the easiest thing to not show up.

Because life will come in way.

However, the beauty about showing up is that life will get out of your way when you get in a way of showing up.

There is power, magic, genius in showing up. 
And showing up, my friend, is reserved only for the brave ones. 
Because the cowards, already have the right reasons.