Resigning from CFO

In any team, good people pay a heavy price for being the torch bearer of responsibility – of follow ups.

Becomes especially prominent if the good person is leading the team and is accountable to a leader of the pack.

It becomes an “I don’t care” for people who aren’t responsible.

Leading to multiple follow-ups by the responsible person.

The problem continues across multiple teams. 

So what is the solution?
Responsible people should resign from the role of CFO or Chief Follow Up Officer of their team. 

If someone shows up, great.
If someone doesn’t, even better – because now we know whom we don’t need in our team.

Good people have a responsibility to be good towards themselves. If they extend extra-goodness to others where it is not needed, it eventually becomes bad for them.

Resignation as a CFO is often the key to getting to the designation of the CEO of your own life. It’s difficult because people didn’t expect it from you. Nevertheless necessary, to set the right expectations going forward.