How to be different?

  1. Learn from everyone whom you think is different.
  2. Do you.
  3. Learn from them again, while you do “you”.
  4. Rinse and repeat.

You can never be different if you “choose to be different”. But when you be “you” while learning all the “different” things you do, you have

Some “different” things I do, which are completely “me”:

  • I don’t understand the concept of eating and consuming alcohol late nights, to kill your liver, accumulate fat, and feel pathetic the next morning. So I don’t go to parties!
  • I enjoy with kids. My former boss’ kids – Vidur and Uzi – I enjoy with them more than my team, as much as I loved my team 🙂
  • I prioritise my health, above anything else. Sleep on time. Phone off for 12 hours minimum, every night. Dinner before sunset. Workout 6 days of the week. Do suryanamaskars daily.
  • I am not scared of asking for premium money for my premium work. Being spiritual does not mean you don’t value yourself. Rather it means you take care of yourself to follow spirituality in truest sense.

I’d suggest you start with something that is truly truly you, and you will eventually find something immaculately different.