Do I look like a 20 yo :)

I am living in a meditation center these days.
Sharing the room with senior citizen aunties.

Last night, an aunty was talking on her phone, telling the one on the other side (in Hindi): “Yeah there are a few women, and a young girl who is visibly very busy because she keeps working on her computer for the very few hours she is in the room.

The person on the other side said something, to which the aunty replied, “I don’t know, she must be some 20-22 years old.”

Which left me wowwww.
Dude, I just celebrated my 32nd birthday! And someone says like this after living with me for 10 days!!! Isn’t that wow 🙂

On that note, here’s a pic of yours truly from when she was 20 (okay 18.5):

30th Jan 2010, IIM Ahmedabad

And below is how I look today 🙂

13th November 2022, Hauz Khas Fort, New Delhi

Evolution, strength training, letting go of toxicity, having meals every two hours with focus on proteins, and having fun in life (almost) every day make experienced aunties think you are at least a decade younger <3