Still there. Still smiling.

When Novak lost the Wimbledon final last week, he was being honest about how he was feeling, yet he didn’t cry. Then towards the end of his speech when he saw his family, he said, “My son is still there, still smiling,” this is when he broke into tears.

To me, it was not his loss of Wimbledon (even though the loss was so huge that you and I cannot imagine). To me, it was seeing his family being there for him even though he had lost an important and a close match is what teared him up.

Let me explain how.

I have been in 3 jobs in my life. All three of them I chose to quit by my own choice. However, on the day of giving the formal resignations of all of them, I called up my father to inform him of it once done. He was super strong all of the times instead of wondering “what will I do next”, and motivated me, guided me and even cheered for me when I had least expected him to. His voice was one of the most firm ever, which is exactly what I needed at that time. And invariably, I cried. I cried like a baby to him. On the phone. All three times.

This is what happens when you see your family rooting for you despite an apparent failure. They love you so much that they knew you never wanted to see this day and when you finally did, their love for you remains unaffected. They will always be there for you – through the peaks, valleys and journeys.

Still there. Still smiling.

Also, today happens to be my father’s 69th birthday 🙂