Pani puri for lunch

Had pani puri for lunch at the spiritual center today.
It was being served as usual – anything you eat is unlimited, just that you have to finish what is on your plate.
Two handfulls of “puris”, boiled jeera aloo, chana (since Mt. Abu is near Gujarat and Gujjus have chana in their pani puri unlike Rajasthan that has raita wali bundi in stuffing), and water.

Must have been nice. And delicious. Everything here is delicious.

Yours truly didn’t have it.
Because I don’t like it 🙂
I don’t even remember the last time I had pani puri. Maybe 7-8 years back. Don’t remember. Didn’t miss it during the pandemic either.

I rather went ahead with the conventional roti subzi dal followed by raita.

A good measure of living a healthy life is you see nothing other than healthy food – except of course unless it is the occassional halwa 🙂

Sometimes Always being snazzy is all about being real, loving your roots, and not doing something merely because everyone is doing it.