Love is not a ranking game

Mostly true.

If I am hanging around with a friend, does not mean I do not love the other friend less.

If you came into my life later, does not mean I love you lesser than the one who came before you.

But, the human mind, in its race against time, love and joy, thinks they should rank number one to be loved by someone else.

Even if that happens, what would life be if someone has only you in their life, and no one else?

As a matter of fact, the ones you love a little less and vice versa are the ones who give you insights to love yourself more. All of the time.

And the ones who love you the most and vice versa know that love is an infinite place where there is space for all to be seen, respected and heard.

Being anyone else’s number one is a scary and anxious game.

Being your own number one is a starry and assuring game.

Like every time, you pick your games.