Pick your people

This one’s new:
200$ client:This is too expensive. Let’s make it 100$ and tons of opportunities in the future.

(Bro why would I?)

1000$ client:

Sure, I understand the reason of your pricing. Let’s go ahead.

For newbies: I get it. It is difficult at the start. So you have two options now:

  1. Start with people who are ready to take a chance on you for peanuts. It’s okay to start.
  2. Start with building your portfolio (by creating content online or asking for referrals and a slightly higher pricing every 3 months) and let opportunities come to you.

Either way, no one makes 1000$ from their first assignment as a newbie (unless its market rate is 10,000$ minimum in which case it is justified.)

You get to pick your battles after having navigated through the battles you had no choice but to win at any cost.