August Week 1 lessons

  1. It’s okay to not talk to your Mom on phone when you are busy. Or receive that cousin’s phone when you are napping. Being 100% available is not equivalent or synonymous to love.
  2. The life of your dreams is not a life without work. In most cases, it would require more work than you imagined it to be. However, all of it would seem like play. Been studying Justin Welsh’s courses and articles deeply, and the way my thinking has gotten structured has gotten me thinking “how noob I was all this while!”
  3. Nothing saves you as much as a disciplined life. From 4-6 every evening, there is so much scope to watch endless YouTube, eat a lot, or even tell yourself “I deserve to stop” – which I unfortunately did on some days. However, in my spiritual stay last month, the only thing that got me going was a rigid schedule – 9-12 and 4-6 work, and then rest of the meditation, studies, me-time came in. It turns out, you do not need too much to get much done. You just need to show up daily, on time, and let action do the wonders.

Life is a wonderful gift when you learn daily.