It’s been a rough few months

It’s been a rough few months lately.

Not that life hasn’t been good. It has been, fortunately. So much to be grateful for.

However, life also brought about its fair share of challenges I hadn’t signed up for.

While we have navigated 80% of them, I am so very grateful my sisters reach out to me time and again to make sure I am happy, positive and motivated.

My eldest sis called me out of the blue to see how are things on my end (we rarely talk without any reason).
My middle sister keeps sending me “meaningful” motivational quotes on WhatsApp (she never did it till now).
My youngest (elder) sister keeps sharing reels and YT videos to keep my spirits high.

None of them say or wish to say what I might be going through.

However, all of them know that it is the family that you need, when the world doesn’t pay heed.