What determines how far will you go?

Once a business (solopreneurship, entrepreneurship, etc.) has reached a place of success, consistent growth and love from the audience, how do we gauge if it is going to succeed?

Some things that help, in my opinion:

  • How receptive they are, to feedback
  • Are they constantly fine-tuning the little things – the font that was once basic should now move to professional, the landing page that was devised when starting out should now incorporate changes, are the team members getting share for their consistent commitment, etc.
  • Most importantly, is the humility of the business owner still intact, or has money gotten to their head? Presence of money does change significant decisions, how you spend your time, who you spend your time with, and that’s okay – however, if presence of money makes you someone who shouts at their team because you know what, “you can”, that is a business that may earn millions but over time may crash in terms of trust.

Success in life is not a single line graph. It is two graphs moving at the same time.

One is the external parameters that we all see – customers, growth, money, etc.

The other is who you are as a person – staying true to your roots while flying high, curious as a kid while making money like a king, keeping your ears open with an open heart – these things imo should also rise in parallel, along with the external parameters.

Otherwise, we may simply continue to put a blindfold, stay successful, and stay sad. Not the life you signed up for, my friend.