Why do we fast?

Early this morning while returning from spiritual class, I saw a bunch of girls walking with a lota and a puja ki thali in their hands.

Turns out, it was Monday and they were going to Shiv temple to ask God for a perfect match.
Isn’t it cool and hilarious at the same time?
Go to a temple and have everything sorted 🙂

Anupam Mittal should have shut down shaadi dot com and started a mandir business. 

If out of two friends one is fasting and the other is living her life, the one fasting will get a perfect groom, while the other one is simply ignoring a special chance to get their life sorted 🙂
What if they get a good groom but they are not compatible?

With all respect, the intent is not to criticise a tradition.
However, it always makes sense to question the practicality of our rituals along with revering them as we do today.

More than a decade ago (damn, college was so old) I was sitting with two of my friends, one of whom had observed a Jaya Parvati Vrat (something I got to know of only in Ahmedabad where I was studying at the time). 

It was on the similar lines of fasting so that you could get a suitable match. 

I said to the friend who had observed this fast: “The guy who is meant for me must be observing this fast to have me as his life partner.”

I never got to that guy. Fortunately. 

However, the point of the story is two-fold (I’ve learnt the nutrition part of fasting from Rujuta Diwekar_:


  • It is good for your health
  • However, notice that it is fasting, not starving
  • Change your meals and take some millets and underground veggies
  • You will stay healthy if you are well nourished
  • Eating in moderation with change in diet exactly does that 
  • Otherwise, what is the point of fasting when you are about to stuff your body a day before and after the fast?

Fasting to get a match

  • Babe, get to match to your own vibes first
  • And if you want someone who truly loves you, he would love you even if you don’t observe any fast, including karva chauth!!

The perfect match matches your vibe and accepts you for who you are. That said, there ain’t any more perfect match for you than yourself. Try yourself out 🙂