My Dad told me a harsh truth

The other day my father and I were speaking about what are the new things I am doing in my career, now that I have moved on from my last job.

Since I am taking up clients and working as a solopreneur, he said a wonderful thing in my support: “If you had started doing this initially when you started your work, i.e., 7-8 years ago, you’d be way ahead in your life now,” post which he added something that I heartily agreed with, “I think these many years you spent in 3 jobs were a waste according to me.

You know what, he had a point. 
You know what, I had the same thought exactly a day back, which I hadn’t shared with anyone. 

Guess what?
By 2014 end I had discovered my passion for writing. 
However, I took up the job of an auditor early in 2015 thinking my parents won’t let me go out.  But in retrospect, they are so open to my work.

I wish I had spoken to them.
I wish you could speak to your parents whenever speaking to them feels impossible.
I wish you hold your ground while you take your parents along when you stretch your wings to fly.

May you not waste those 8 years.

I know, I learnt a lot in those 8 years, etc., but my friend, you can learn self love by practising self love, you do not have to go through a toxic relationship for it to teach it to you.

You can learn the good by taking good experiences. “The only way to good is through bad” isn’t true.