Where were you born?

Imagine being born in a household.

You are taught everything – sitting, eating, talking, walking, writing, reading, etc.

But you are not loved.
Or if you are loved, you are not cared and given your space to bloom as an individual.

The consequence is most of us who grew up in households like this, are adults with anxious or avoidant relationships. 

We doubt the slightest of good things that happen to us wondering if we truly deserve this!

We question anyone who is nice to us because we are in a habit of even our loved ones not being nice to us.

We run as fast as we can from anyone with secure attachment style because they are an alien who can thrive without a drama! Wow!!

So the goal of your life becomes to be so secure that nothing can ever touch you. Least of all drama.

Therapy. Books. Studying your habits. Getting away from negativity.
Most importantly, forgiving and getting over from that part of you that you don’t want to be, yet being grateful to them for taking you to where you are