My new course is out, ladies and gentlemen!

If we played a game of “Never have I ever…”

..up until a few days back I’d say never have I ever launched my own course.

Or to be precise, never have I ever made a course that is effective and is selling 🙂

This one is.

It’s a course on Corporate Communications – that helps you be real, conversational, say goodbye to jargons, work without office stress, and be more confident in your work life.

Basically make your work life fun, in a world where stress, hatred and heat in a culture is the norm.

Check it out here.

PS: If you are someone who works in a team, it would mean a lot to me if you spread the word and ask your colleagues/friends to sign up. It’s something that has truly helped me, helped my team whom I have mentored informally on this, and I am certain it will help you.

Sign up link again (valid only till 31st Aug): The Art of Corporate Communications.

See you inside the course 🙂