Technological advancements no one asked for

As the technology has progressed, its job was to make our lives easier.

So gradually, computer systems got replaced by laptops – powerful ones.

A huge monitor, CPU and a keyboard – now got into a slim and sleek machine (in most cases).

However, with consistent laptop usages came back problems, neck problems, resulting in obesity.

So human beings, now travel with 4 things, whenever they use their laptops: a laptop, a laptop stand – for the screen to have a higher presence, keyboard because you need keyboard parallel to the desk, and a mouse – for similar reasons.

One piece of technological advancement has lead to several other added pieces as well.

It turns out, there is no invention that is 100% “only good.”

Typewriters got replaced by computers, however, that came with distractions of the Alt+Tab function.

Distraction and lack of space and respect at your own home got replaced with a new apartment, and that came with lack of belonging (at the start, at least).

Space-consuming coolers got replaced with ACs and that lead to body feeling dehydrated, release of gases into the environment, and overall lack of environment friendliness of ACs.

Every trade that we make, is not a trade that will come with zero downside. Not possible.

However with every trade that we make, it becomes easier to live with it once we are aware of the downside. The goal isn’t to avoid the downside. The goal is to be remotely prepared to deal with the downside, should it arrive.