A personal branding lesson you can take from SRK right away (no, it is not about building a Twitter brand)

SRK does not do promotions or interviews for his movies.

He simply does Twitter AMAs and that is more than enough.

But more than the brand he is, what I love is the fan following and the kind of posts he reposts on Twitter – people who are apparently lower income than you and I, people who are mostly from Tier 2 and 3 cities, people who are die hard fans of him – the kind who would create a stampede outside Mannat on 2nd November.

It turns out, true love is recognising true love – including for people like SRK. He deeply connects with people instead of recognising only the elites and not connecting with anyone else, and that gives them an edge above everything else.

Your audience is you. Personal branding lesson 101.