Truth of life I have known for long (and suffered when I have ignored it):

No one is coming to save you. Your life is 100% your responsibility.

When we get to know this and we are in good phase of life, we almost deny this truth.

“No, but XX (current close relationship) is different.”
“I think I have found home in XX (your closest one).”
“She/he always has my back.”

Of course, your closest people are and will be there for you.

However, what you need to remember is that they can be there for you, but cannot make your life better for you.

Let’s say you are going through a tough time at work.
You vent out to your family.
Rant with your bestie.
Share everything.

But still, the only person who can take you out of that tough time is YOU – through:

– What you do next
– How you tackle the current situation
– For how long are you going to let someone else have the remote control your life.

Your closest people will be there to listen to you. But they really can’t take actions on your behalf.

It is like taking a horse to a pond.
You can drag the horse to the pond.
Or even forcefully push their mouth into water.
But you cannot make them gulp down water.
It is only the horse that has to take reigns of their life.

This fact, of being on your own, may be delightful and daunting at the same time.

Why delightful? Because you can do whatever you want.

Why daunting? Because you have to whatever you want.

It’s strange yet scary.
Beautiful yet boisterous.
Powerful yet prepostorous.

But this is how truth is supposed to be. It hits slams in the face yet not too hard that you are screwed.

So what do you do with the truth I shared with you? Leave all your loved ones and go into the woods? Of course not.

Just know, that you are your biggest support system.

And when you will be able to help yourself out as a practice, on a daily basis, is when you will truly be there for others.

Platitude advice of “journal”, “meditate”, “read”, “listen to podcasts”, or “exercising” are means to get there.

So that when you go out there into the world with your people, you are a giver of joy, not a seeker of love.

And when you do, always remember what Taylor Swift said:
You’re on your own, kid
You always have been