I often think of the chorus guys in a live performance

The chorus squad in a live performance is the most important part imo.

They give joy to the song (check out 5.14 here)
They give meaning to the performance.
They allow the empty spaces to be filled with the most beautiful music and melodies.

Without them, the performance of the lead singer won’t be as enriched as it is. All performances of Coke Studio are an example of that.

Which brings me to the impact of your work.
If you look at it, no one ever applauds the chorus group.
Nevertheless, they show up and do their work making it effortless.

Will you be ready to do your work just for the joy of it, and not showing it off to others?
Will you be happy to do your work only because it makes you happy?
More than anything else, will you be happy only one person (who is not you) getting the limelight in a group effort?

Our inner happiness is the compass that will eventually describe our joy. Or make us need more of external validation.

The thing we seek is the thing we need. Make sure you seek the right things.