My work doesn’t matter, should I even do it…

If you ever had a thought that your work doesn’t matter, this is for you – 

– What if your maid went on an uninformed leave for a week?
– What if your “gaadi waala aaya ghar se kachra nikaal” didn’t come?
– What if when you had to get your drains cleaned, you couldn’t find anyone?
– What if public transport drivers went on a strike and EVERYONE came out on the road to drive? Can you imagine the traffic jam and the environmental damage?
– What if all delivery boys from Amazon, Big Basket, Zepto, etc. stopped working altogether?

Almost everything in our lives would come to a standstill if people in these jobs would not do their work.

So is the case with your job, my friend.

No matter what your job, it does contribute a LOT to the bigger picture, in keeping our economy alive.

Even if it appears very little to you.
Even if you feel you are easily replaceable.
Even if your boss doesn’t make you feel that way.

And you should be proud of your job, no matter what you do.

You don’t deserve any lesser.