Kids (and adults) need to watch this

My cousin Pankaj has been working as one of the lead team members behind the construction of Riverfront in Kota.

He recently forwarded me a video of a Rajasthani folk song performance (which has been featured in Coke Studio as well).

One thing that particularly stayed with me watching that video was that a kid of 7-8 years is singing as a background performer in the live performance.

It is such a beautiful sight to witness.

Someone choosing to do things beyond internet. (Even I have an internet business).
A kid not embracing FOMO and actually embracing his roots.
Choosing to become more confident, joyful, and a heir to the wisdom of our culture that has transcended generations.

A couple of days back as I was watching a performance on Coke Studio, I truly wondered how will this get transferred into a generation of AI, crypto and internet.

This picture, makes me hopeful. Very hopeful.