Which kind of hard work do you prefer?

A couple of days ago, there was an Asia Cup of Cricket going on in Colombo.

Since it was also the time for rains in that area, one match day got washed away, followed by rains in a huge part of the second match day.

In a conversation with the commentator post the match, Virat Kohli mentioned something like: “It’s 10.55 pm, I have to retire for the day.”

This was in good spirit.
In the spirit of resting for the day, he wanted to go back from the venue.

Honestly, I love this spirit of Cheeku (Virat’s nick name, for the ones outside of India) of how much disciplined he is.

It is not easy to have that level of discipline.
The world is shiny.
It is attractive.
There are parties going on.
There are people calling you to sit with them because they “so want you”.
And denying that need of yours to attend to your values is so difficult.

Yet the best sportspeople do that all of the time.

Hard work + Consistency = Unbeatable

Then there is another kind of hard work.

Going for shopping at 7pm and returning at 11.30pm after dumping down momos at 10.30pm.
Going to all stadiums to watch matches because you want to look cool, and your focus and sleep cycle is screwed already.
Visiting relatives whenever they grutely complain because “now they would feel nice.”

All of the above things are also hard – but they are the hard work the other way – which takes you away from accomplishments, happiness and true success, instead of taking you closer to it.

Every day, as you wake up, you have two choices:

Either to stay true to your values like Cheeku and do all the hard work because the result on the other side is high self worth and of course, external success.

Or do what all is expected out of you without setting a schedule, putting things on your calendar or to please others. And you have zero self respect and an endless chase for everyone’s validation.

You get what you settle for. And I always hope you settle for something more than yourself, my friend.