Home is not home anymore

When you were born, the place and the people you were surrounded by, was your home.

As you grow up, home changes.

Mostly it is never the “home” you were born into.

Why is it so?

Home is something that provides you comfort, makes you feel safe and makes you feel you can be anything you wish to be.

Most of us don’t get to do any of that in the home we were brought up in.

We have two options then:

– Complain about it all our lives
– Make a new home

I have tried first, and let me tell you, making your new home is so easy and possible.

Some things that could help you (as they have helped me):

1. It’s okay to move on. You just have to know that your old home wasn’t home in the first place.
2. We are conditioned to feel insecure. So when you feel secure in your new home, you will find it strangely weird. But trust me, you can find peace with your own self.
3. Most people will tell you it is wrong. Guess what? I never asked anyone, and this helped me the most. Nothing feels as right as it feels to build a secure space for yourself.

If you are not you, what will you give to the world you live in – through your work, through your presence, through who you are?

A new home does not necessarily have to be a place, even though moving out of my parents’ home at 18 was the best decision of my life ever.

But if you can’t, you can always figure a lifestyle, friends and people different from the people you were surrounded by.

It looks as if it is very hard.

But if there is anything I want to leave you with, it is this:

Nothing is as easy as being there for yourself.

Try it out.